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The Congregation of the Brothers of Charity, also called "The Society of the Brothers of Charity" landed in India in the year 1936 by the British Brothers in Cottar, Tamil Nadu, then due to the instability of the Government and other formal problems the Congregation withdrew from India. In the year 1984, in Jamshedpur, again it made an attempt to come back to India to start a centre for hearing impaired children, the problem of visa blocked them for the second time. Finally, for the third time, in the year 1992 on 31st May, it started its mission in India. It was in Ranchi, Jharkhand, the place where the development was at low.

Firstly, the Brothers were living in a rented house, then they shifted to St. Xavier's School, at Dorenda, Ranchi, Jharkhand. The Congregation sent Bro.Joel Ponsaran, the Present Provincial Superior of America, lived in Ranchi for several months and then he had to go back then, several Brothers Bro.Max Kunnen, Bro.John Pieere, Bro.Denis, Bro.Donald, and Bro.Godfried Bekeart, and several others came to India to help. Meanwhile, the house was bought in the year 1994, to form young people around the country. This house was used for both professional formation and other religious formation. In order to start up with zero, the Congregation decided to buy a house in Kanke Road, Ranchi, the Brothers were trained for the care of psychiatric field. WE wanted from the very beginning to keep a small scale projects, in order not to make asylums and big hospitals.

IT was a big initiation of Rev.Bro.Dr.Rene Stockman, the Superior General of the Brothers of Charity. IT was the year 1997, few Brothers trained and started the centre called "Param Mitra Sadan" - A House of best Friends". The Congregation never failed to give answers to the needs of the society, especially for the needy, neglected, abandoned by the society, and much more. In the year 2004, another plot of land was bought, by seeing the need of special education, for the persons with the special needs. In order to start up this plan, we had to start a small school in Similia, Ranchi. Few Brothers were trained for this purpose and it was decided that more Brothers would go to study both psychiatric nursing and special education.

In the year 2005, we dreamed of a house in the southern part of India, it was in Tamil Nadu again. It was in Sivagangai, where the need for the psychiatric care is in need of. The land was bought and a beautiful house was built for the care for the psychiatric centre, and the Congregation started its mission in the year 2009 with the 10 male patients and gradually we increased the number. In the year 2015, the government asked us to keep 25 male patients and 25 female patients.

At the end of 2012 we also collaborated with Norbertine Fathers from Belgium, Europe, where they gave their hand to start up and to take over the project of Jeeva Vihar, this is also care for the psychiatric patients. Few Brothers were sent to take of these residents.

In order to sustain the services, the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity in the year 2007 started with FRACARITA INDIA. It is our solemn duty that the continuation of the services will not be only carried by the Brothers, but also by the lay collaborators. So, therefore, we started this entity. In the year 2013 under the guidance of Rev.Bro.Dr.Rene Stockman, the Superior General, Mr.Prakash Goossens, The Fracarita International Representative, gave the full responsibility to appoint Mrs.Rajeswari as a Head-Resource Mobilization for the Region, India. Now, the entity is working all over India for the development of Mental Health Care at the same time, it is looking forward to sustain the services of the society, in India.


Target Group

Fracarita India focuses on children, youth and adults who are confronted with three very specific problems:

1. Disability : physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental or social disabilities.
2. Psychiatric Problems : need for psycho-social counseling, psychiatric care and care of addicts
3. Promoting Trainings : Lack of educational and vocational opportunities

In addition to these three sectors, the NGO is also frequently involved in emergency aid and care for refugees, street children, HIV-patients or elderly, but only in very specific cases.

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